Client Intake Form Template

Impress new customers and prospects with this intake form that conveniently captures their needs, challenges, and goals.

Simplify your workflows

Start your new client relationships off right with a client intake form that collects the information you need to identify their primary needs and wants. Easily collect details about their challenges and goals, and use the data you gather to create custom documents like proposals, contracts, and more.

Make form filling easy

Make a good first impression on new prospects and customers with an intake form they can easily and conveniently fill out at their leisure. Allow users to save their work and resume later, giving them freedom to pause, find answers, and come back where they left off.

Create custom documents

Once you have the client intake form template data in-hand, use it to create important documents necessary for the next steps in the conversion process. Seamlessly merge your data, and use Formstack Documents to create custom, automated proposals, contracts, agreements, and more.

Customize with your brand

Make your client intake form work for you. With drag-and-drop form fields, themes, and branding tools, you can customize your form to collect the data you need, while creating a consistent brand experience for new customers. No coding knowledge required.

Automate intake workflows

When you’re ready for the next step in the client intake process, route the data you’ve collected to sales, marketing, or finance so everyone can work from the same data for a consistent and accurate experience. Send your data where it needs to go and inform the involved parties with automated email notifications. Use Workflows to further streamline your processes.

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